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Callen Cricket Pty Ltd  

WillowBlue it's Australian for English Willow

Callen Cricket Bats

The Callen Cricket Story began with Ian Callen in 1976, when engaged as the Professional for the Northumberland County where he met Peter Kippax (former Yorkshire Cricketer) who had just started his own Cricket Bat Brand. What a good idea he thought, perhaps he could do this himself after his career. 

In 1985 Ian (picture above) began making his cricket bats in a converted shearing shed on his Grandfathers Farm at Rhyll Phillip Island, after learning the craft under the guidance of Master Bat Maker Chris Farrant (formerly Warsops of London) pictured below.

It was about this time Ian located some of MacLaren's original progeny setting up a nursery at Rhyll which became the WillowBlue Plantation at Healesville Ian planted in 1994.

Callen Cricket began felling and processing WillowBlue for cricket bats in 2007 and in 2014 began training Bat Makers in Australia, Sri Lanka, India and New Zealand.

In November 2020 and after 35 years Ian decided it was time to reduce his work load selling Willow Blue to Scott Boyack, one of the Bat Makers Ian trained.

Ironically Scott Boyack of Yakka Cricket is from Cowes on Phillip Island.