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Doggy's Blog

Doggy's Blog


Posted on August 12, 2019 at 8:20 PM

There are serious problems facing the game of cricket: such as


Grass Roots Cricket where participation numbers have been fraudulently portrayed in order to achieve performance bonus’s.


Poor development programs implemented throughout the country; forget that they don’t address the future needs of the game or its sustainability; and


Forget about those being attracted to the game... it’s natural resource.


These are issues that remain unresolved as a result of those occupying CA’s Board Room; the game no longer represent our cricket communities and worse... it seems they can never be replaced. They select from an exclusive club denying those from within the game to advance through natural progression. Please tell me if I am wrong.


How this happened we’ll never know, I’d like to see the information the game’s delegates received to vote themselves out of the game’s decision making process.


A process that has allowed “CA” to release their gender policy without consultation with the game at grassroots where the majority of players have a mother and father and where children are conceived naturally and might become future cricketers.


And so it was no wonder this policy was condemned; prompting a defensive “Tweet” promoting an opinion piece written by its CEO; Kevin Roberts.


Roberts, asks us to imagine being from a marginalised group in society. A society, denied access to sport that will provide a connection to communities where men who want to be women have a place of normality, belonging and inclusiveness, such as women’s cricket.


I don’t know this bloke but having read his self appraising article. To me he’s a “snowflake” pushing an agenda introduced by Alex Blackwell (Cricket NSW Board Member and a gay Women’s Test Cricketer). An agenda she claims is “inclusive” and yet; Blackwell says anyone with concerns for their children playing with or against transgender cricketers, should find another sport.


That’s rather exclusive; don’t you think Alex?


I would love to know how many of the 1200 or so who identify as transgender in our country have actually played cricket? Playing backyard or beach criket does not qualify you as a cricketer. To be a Cricketer, you work your way through the competitive grades to reach a reasonable standard “A Grade Cricket”.


Anyway, apparently it is a human right for males who believe they are female; that they should be treated as natural born women and reap the rewards on offer from that sport. Rubbish! In what world could anyone justify this?


I wonder! how many are using human rights in the reverse; women transitioning to men and wanting to play men’s sport?


I can see someone’s daughter, perhaps 158cm tall, weighing in at 62kg (ringing wet) playing the game, enjoying the thrill of competition against her peers; Yes, her peers! Natural born Women!


Under this CA gender policy this same girl might finds herself facing up to a 195cm 100kilo hairy back who thinks he’s a she with a 142kgram 2pce in hand. Think about that extra strength, muscle memory, lung capacity and larger hands off the long run, delivering that small ball at a pace no normal woman could deliver.


This is absurd, unhealthy, in fact sickeningly and frighteningly so!


Of course Roberts, like all “feel good” globalists claims the issue has been looked into seriously, even the science he says (not the science I have read) and so CA have come up a way to ensure fair and balanced participation.


Roberts claims CA are following Olympic guidelines. A sport in the courts because natural women are complaining the competition is unfair.


Show us the science Roberts. Let us judge the information that has been put forward by your CA latte’ sipping administrators. Show us that you have not been wasting time and energy on minority’s; using valuable funds generated by men’s cricket to devalue the biological values of the majority.


Explain why taking drugs or having surgery to alter your appearance is not just a disguise and why that isn’t cheating the sporting code.


I don’t think supporters want to see athletes born as men accepting the accolades of a sport that was created for natural born women.

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