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Doggy's Blog

Doggy's Blog

Cricket Victoria Clearing the Dead Wood

Posted on May 14, 2020 at 4:05 AM

This post will be too much for most to get behind but, I don’t care it needs to said.

A lot of criticism has been directed towards Cricket Victoria (CV) in regard to its decision to cut staff. But nothing of any substance about it’s responsibility to mitigate the effects of the current global crisis.

In truth... we can only hope that the decisions made in the Board room are in the best interests of Cricket in this State based on credible information.

If you recall, it wasn’t too long ago that there was an effort to rectify growing discontent amongst the cricket community in the State; when a “coup d’etat” was launched by CV Members. And not just any Members but foundation Members.

The final straw for them was the secret, cleverly disguised attempt by to reissue the voting rights of foundation members and disperse them to all corners of the State.

In the end the coup failed. Why? Because even though 1/3 of the States top cricketers come from country regions the VCCL get one solitary vote compared to Women’s Cricket 3.

I’ll leave it to you to consider.

This action though, forced the Chair and CEO and a few others out and so it should have.

Today a number of new faces have joined the Board promoted by the clubs leading the coup and I am told there are more to come.

So we can only hope that they are cricketers who can identify the different stages of the grass roots level of the game and how development programs can be improved to improve abilities.

It should also be noted that when mandating change of significant magnitude interested parties like myself; “Life Members” of founding member Clubs, identified and awarded with “custodianship” should not be removed from the conversation when reasoning is needed.

You’d think this would be a natural process of inclusiveness and transparency when the CV Board room is filled with so many non cricketers... surely such feed back, would be welcomed when self interest employees have so much influence and say.

In my opinion, it should also be a requirement of every Member Club to keep members updated in such a situation; to seek advice or feedback from those who’ve devoted significant service or have been decorated with higher honours within their Club. In most cases they have wide ranging global experience in the game and that is worth something!

How such wealth of experience and knowledge can be eliminated from discussion concerning the game, is a failure of Governing Bodies “once” ( I highlight this because somehow it has change) elected to that position, to act in the best interest of our ��.

I have always said; there is only “one” true performance indicator to measure the success of those employed or appointed to positions within CV and this is the number of “ Home Grown Test Players” representing our State and their longevity in the game.

The question I ask; is the CV Board taking the opportunity to clean out dead wood, given the current climate?

Because I am encouraged by the Boards decision to ignore the stand over tactics of Cricket Australia (CA) (That is another story). So I am happy to wait and see what comes about, especially with the many variables at play at the moment.


My ideology However, has never sat well with some; particularly those employed by CV. For example; At this point I think it important to frame this properly because I want to portray the type of environment within CV and CA over the past 2 decades.

A former CV Regional Manager (2004-15) who is now 10 months into a Presidency of a VCCL Association... my “Protagonists” �� and qualified CA High Performance Coach who should know better. �� no doubt he believes he did his best for the game and still believes so.

However he commented to me that, “Young players of today don’t give a rats about the game’s history or traditional values”!

I think that statement is a stand out admission of failure.

Also the nature and inference of other comments made he made to me, really hit home. It confirmed my long standing suspicion, that there is a serious underlying problem within Victorian and Australian ��.

And it can only come from superiors and so... is it any wonder stakeholders like me are concerned for the game. So much experience in the game and we are considered bitter past players, who are out of touch and void of any understanding of the “Modern” era game.

Disturbing... don’t you think?

I would say that the real truth is that the game of cricket has evolved from what came before it, built by the efforts of those before us rather than those who lack the credentials or decoration. Types who can’t take criticism or scrutiny or crumble given a clutch situation and so of course... heads within CV must roll if performance does not measure up... if the cap fits wear it I say.

For far too long Custodianship input has been interpreted as infuriating, arrogant or offensive; by those in paid position within the game.

Why any ex player still involved in the game, committed to passing knowledge and experience on to future cricketers is not met with the respect it deserves is beyond me!

Now at this point I’d like to add a qualification!

Many like me, have worked their arse off for cricket in this State... not just the last two decades, but many more: And

In all my years of experience I have been astounded by the kids I have coached... their unquenchable thirst and respect for the game and it’s values, I think I can speak for others here and say that it never ceases to inspires us to take on the responsibility of” Custodianship” even more seriously.

To support initiatives and report back when we believe it’s in the games best interest to adopt new strategies.

I’d also like to point out that, I and many like me believe it is our duty to take responsibility for the way the game is headed... this was passed on to us by our mentors and it is why we comment.

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