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Doggy's Blog

Doggy's Blog

Stats Prove The Point On Payroll Decision

Posted on May 22, 2020 at 2:40 AM

I have researched some facts to put an end to the criticism that continues over Cricket Victoria’s (CV) decision to remove a number Regional Cricket Managers (RM’s) from its payroll. Many pushing the following statement by a renowned commentator; “This will be the most incompetent decision in its entire History”. 


Now that’s saying something, when you think about the decision to “Give up the rights to the MCG”!


And for whatever reason; we’ve seen a perfectly a good development system demolished.


I have no idea what is being planned for the future of the game in our state but it surely cannot be any worse than recent times.


Of course, there are always some who will disagree; recently I read that Victorian Cricket is heading towards the English System. A system that gives private schools with all the money; greater access to the higher levels… than say, the public School system!


Ignore the fact; playing Private school competition is nowhere near as challenging as club cricket where promising youngsters mix it with better cricketers.


The Club system only breaks down if it’s unfortunate demographically or its leaders fail their responsibilities to game. Such as, being unable to attract and develop juniors.


Yes, the game faces challenges in that regard I agree; but there other challenges such as clubs being hindered in the most extraordinary ways; for example a local council recently ruled that a social group playing “Sunday Competition” be granted full use of a Clubs facilities and infrastructure rather than being encouraged to assimilate into the community as we all do.


To favour a separate ethnic identity in my opinion; goes against everything the game and this Country is about; it devalues the hard work of volunteer’s who are trying to keep the game alive let alone achieve inclusiveness within their communities.


These are just some of the problems facing the game based on this age old premise; “without community support or juniors” club cricket will struggle.


I have seen quality coaching and playing opportunity offered to young cricketers with aspirations and there are so many out there; late developing talent, over looked or not recognised, left out of the Pathways System (PS). I wonder how many youngsters have been discouraged in this way and have ended up walking away from the game.

Unfortunately passing the game on means little if those within the system fail it. And don’t think for one minute that these “CV Regional Manager” are blameless here.


The feed back I continually received from clubs was that they were never seen; and there are the Association who do little to promote initiatives designed to advance the careers of young players within their competition; those with ambition searching to find that path to higher levels. This is the last thing the game needs.

It is why I have never been a fan of the PS program... it fails the game in too many areas and here are the facts!


Please feel free to “Fact Check” me!


Since the introduction of the PS (on or about the turn of the millennium) we have seen it produce 13 Victorian Test cricketers who have achieved a combined tally of 134 Test Matches at an average of 6.7 Tests per year with 4 Test Centuries.


Regional Cricket Managers and the Game Development Department within Cricket Australia (CA) and CV call this period, the Modern Era (ME).


In ME, most feeder clubs play on synthetic surfaces and clubs employ; mostly playing coaches and in some cases; a number of other paid men are engaged to make the club competitive.


Most Coaches carry CA Qualifications which mean they have attended and passed a number of courses. They are taught to demonstrate injury preventive technique whilst providing or creating a politically correct safe inclusive environment. This is where everyone is entitled to bat and bowl even if they’re unable to execute disciplines.


If you believed what you’ve been reading or hearing of late; you’d think ME had been leading the game out of the dark ages.


However, there are other eras to compare ME to, such as the 1980 to 2000 “Post Packer” (PP) District System (DS) which produced 16 Test cricketers with a combined tally of 378 Test matches at an average of 18.9 Tests per year and 18 Test centuries.


The “Performance Indicator” being Longevity; players able to hold a Test spot and excel; the difference here is significant, don’t you think?


It was an era that had lived on for 20 years PP as the game turned to the type of professionalism it is today. The reason I think; players were still required to progress “down the line” as they said in those days from feeder clubs or competitions; transitioning from experimental surfaces to turf.


During this PP period prospective talent were still shoulder to shoulder with role models, players with stature in the game; hardened cricketers with a wealth of experience.


Now we move on to an era leading up to “World Series Cricket” (WSC) 1960 to 1980.


This was a time when the founding District Clubs produced 20 Test cricketers with a combined tally of 388 Test matches at an average of 19.4 tests per year with 44 centuries. Now that’s a “Performance Indicator” to be proud of.


I think the stats are conclusive; the development of the game and the “funding” for developing grassroots cricket should be allocated to the DS which has well and truly proven itself over time.


These clubs are more than capable of running development programs with the support of Associations committed to passing on the game.

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