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Doggy's Blog

Doggy's Blog


Posted on May 27, 2020 at 6:10 PM

So I must ask; Cricket Victoria! where do we go from here?


You've removed some dead wood; but what plans have been put in place for the future of the game in our State. The link below tells us you have; no idea!


Cricket Statistics! Don’t lie and I’ve laid them out for you in previous posts proving the last two decades; have been the worst in our cricket history.




We don’t know because the questions asked by our Club “Delegates” are never answered adequately; our Representatives are continually walking away from CV meetings dumbstruck?


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a system in place where the Governor’s of our game including departmental heads; were held accountable. Why can’t we recall the likes of Geoff Tamblyn and have him answer questions pertaining to his Chairmanship? And


Review the information pursuant to the decision making process at the time. And


We also apply this to those who followed on; Russell Thomas, Claude Fatone, Paul Jackson, David Maddocks, Tim Considine, Ian King, Paul Barker and Tony Dodemaide.


Understanding the demise of our game over this time; can only help with the remedy.


What the game “does not” need... is another forum with questions designed to lead us towards preconceived outcomes. A handy tactic, commonly used over the past two decades to lead our cricket up the “garden path”.


What we need is discussion, with a starting point: “Victorian” First Class Cricketers need to be the best in the country. From that point we can formulate a real plan. Get rid of the CA player pool we want to develop our own cricketers.


Perhaps this plan needs to involve each Premier Cricket (PC) Club being responsible for nurturing a Pathway to higher levels of the game. PC would need adequate funding (not impossible) so they are able to develop the game throughout our state. Where cricketers from a higher level and with proven ability to analyse and recognise talent can work with youngsters on a more regular basis.


Such a “Blueprint” would need to be developed and adopted in each region of our state. Such a undertaking would raise the profile of the game in regions throughout the State facilitating greater community involvement and support. Or


At a minimum PC might consider creating four new clubs to play in its competition from rural Victoria; I say create... because we’ve learned from the mistakes of promoting existing “self-indulgent” clubs.


Such an idea, might mean dropping 3rds and 4ths from club lists; using the Subby’s as a feeder.


Both concepts put the games money into grassroots cricket rather than dead end programs were cricketers; who have had there chance to progress can fund their club themselves a long with paid players they entice, ultimately to the detriment of a younger developing player.




I have criticised CV because I think they deserve it; but I also offer solutions... while others don't.


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