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Doggy's Blog

Doggy's Blog

Sir Everton Weekes

Posted on July 2, 2020 at 8:40 AM

Very sad news today; the passing of Sir Everton Weekes.


As a child I found myself gazing for hours over the photographs of the “3 W’s”, Walcott, Worrell and Weekes; I idolised them.


Following my dreams in cricket, inspired by them, I arrived in the Lancashire League at Ramsbottom in the late 70’s, or early 80's and found myself sitting in the kit room of their historic “green & cream” club house... still in repair in those days.


Hours of my free time that season was spent sitting with two of the clubs stalwarts; Albert Holt and Les Barrow (pictured)


I think they were happy that the “Pro” gave them the time, but it was me who was happy to listen to their memories and drink their tea. We’d look out over Acrebottom towards the River Irwell and talk cricket for hours. Mostly about the cricketers they’d remembered.

But there was one they talked more fondly of than any other; Everton Weekes!


I carry those recollections with me today, as vividly as if I had been living and breathing in that very special era of the Lancashire league, myself.


Everton signed for Bacup they told me in 1949 for about £500; it was so bloody cold; that year they said, that Everton was often seen wearing an Amry Great coat about. I had to laugh... because, I also found the early part of my seasons in the league so cold...I played in full length long johns!


Bert and Les reckoned Weekes performances were so outstanding that the grounds were packed... they estimated 400,000 spectators crammed into league venues those years.


I have seen photos hanging proudly at various league grounds to back their stories up too!


Take it from me... these were special times in cricket and they’ll never be seen again.


RIP Everton. 

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