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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a grower or a Merchant?

We grow, process and export English Willow. We also hand make the Callen Cricket Bat Range and teach Bat Making.  

Where do your English Willow trees come from?

Our trees are grown from stock chosen by A.C. MacLaren Captain of England and shipped to Australia in 1902. 

Where do you grow the trees?

We have 5 Willow Blue Plantation sites throughout country Victoria with new Growers planting trees each year.

Now that your trees are reaching maturity are you in a position to offer regular supplies of timber?

We are establishing our own market for our product. The business has grown from supplying the Australian Bat Makers we've trained to training Bat Makers in India Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Can we select our own timber?

No we supply an even mix of grades 1, 2, & 3. Our lower grades are used for junior bats. 

Why can't we buy grade one clefts only?

Because each tree produces different grades of timber. The industry is requires to nurture each tree to maturity without exception. Therefore costs are inherited for each cleft and this cost needs to be shared otherwise there would not be an industry. 

What size are the timber Cleft’s?

We the timber to the following sizes:

Length 27 inches

Width 4.5” – 5.5”

Edge 1.75 - 2”

Apex 3.5“

What grade do you think produces the best bats?

We do not consider colour to be detrimental to the playing abilities of a cricket bat... in fact it is what you should look for when choosing the superior rebound and performance.

What is the difference between English Willow grown in England and English Willow grown in Australia ?

The "Salix Alba Caerulea" progeny grown by Willow Blue has not been propagated as often as its UK sister. Therefore it retains many of the original and natural characteristics that have been lost over time. Constant prorogation of only the lightest and whitest of the trees harvested has produced lighter bats... however it is the density of the timber that gives best rebound and lasting qualities.

In our opinion, Willow Blue timber has greater density which equates to superior strength and rebound. Our customers are astounded the timbers playing performance and reward for stroke play. 

The Hollowed Centre Concept explained: