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Callen Cricket Pty Ltd  

WillowBlue it's Australian for English Willow

Frequently Asked Questions

What grade do you think produces the best bats?

Ian Callen a bat maker and English Willow grower with 35 years bat making experience does not consider colour to be detrimental to the playing abilities of a cricket bat... in fact he thinks it is what you should look for when choosing the superior rebound and performance.

What is the difference between English Willow grown in England and English Willow grown in Australia ?

The "Salix Alba Caerulea" progeny grown by Willow Blue came from England in 1902 selected by A.C. MacLaren the England Test Captain. This progeny has not been propagated as often as its UK sister. Therefore it retains many of the original and natural characteristics that have been lost over time by the constant prorogation of the lightest and whitest of the trees in the hope of producing lighter bats.

Ian Callen is of the opinion that it is the density of the timber that gives best rebound and lasting qualities and much of the UK timber has lost that characteristic: and

He believes Willow Blue timber has greater density which equates to superior strength and rebound. Our customers are astounded by the timbers playing performance and the reward they get form stroke play. Add the hollowed centre and the reward is even greater.

The Hollowed Centre Concept explained: